Now Control Your Drone, With Your GPS Watch

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Remote control drones are now old one. This is time for GPS controlling drones. Many drones are designed for Aerial photography. Have a look on the article below.

Simtoo Dargonfly Pro:

Recently launched drone is in front of you. I hope that you have never seen such a drone with foldable design. Yes, this drone has a foldable design and is easy to carry with you everywhere. Unbelievable feature of GPS is stunning. The most interesting thing is that, you can control it with the GPS watch on your wrist. I am very much excited to see its specifications, have a look below Simtoo Dargonfly Pro.



  • The body of drone is made up of PC airframe with carbon fiber Arm.
  • It will offer you a maximum flight time of 25 minutes.
  • The flight height limit is approximately 120 meters.
  • In air its weight is 400 grams while during landing its weight is 1500grams.
  • Maximum speed of flight is 20m/s.
  • 100watt of brushless motor is its part.
  • 400mm of wing-spam provides great stability during flight.
  • 9 inches of self-tightening propellers are incredible.
  • It include multiple sensors, like Gyro, accelerator, magnetometer and GPS.
  • 5200mAh battery takes only 2 hours to charge completely.
  • 3-axis are present to provide maximum stability.
  • It contains 8 number of channels in GPS watch.
  • Transmission frequency of GPS watch is about 915MHZ.
  • Will work for about 1 hour.
  • 2inches LCD display is beyond your imagination.
  • Its weight is 1008 grams.
  • Its dimensions are 225x185x95mm.
  • It will cost you only 351.17$.


  • Camera has magnification of 16 pixels.
  • Support the SD card up-to 64 GB.
  • Comes with the warranty of 12 months.
  • Have a good charger along with 2 USB wires.


  • Flight timing is low as compared to the time written in instructions.
  • FPV reception must be enhanced.

Aerial Photography Drone:

Now it’s the right time to talk about the Aerial Photography. It is basically the way to take photos from an elevated down position. Many drones are being designed to take Aerial Photographs. Many of the professional photographers prefer the drone with best HD camera and which has a quality to support the Aerial photography. Platforms for Aerial Photography are

  • Airplane.
  • Helicopters.
  • Rockets.
  • Kites.
  • Balloons.
  • Pigeons.
  • Kites and many other things.

Many people confuse with the Air to air photography with Aerial Photography. But both things are not same. Please people don’t mix them.


Concluding my article, I will summarize that Aerial Photography Drones are the best one for professional. If you need the best one for your own personal use and want to take good photos by your own do have Aerial Photography Drone.

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