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When it comes to best of cell phone monitoring software systems in the present market, Spyera is usually a top favorite. The software was launched in the year 1999 but its edgy technologies make it trendy choice for professionals, government bodies as well as law enforcement agencies. It’s an award winning cell phone monitoring program which has been constantly acknowledged as “Best phone spy software”, “Outstanding”, “Editor’s Choice” etc. for one & half decade since its arrival. The article here jots down the prime features of the Spyera software.

Call Interception

You will be able to listen to live calls received & made by target device. The software would send you MMS alert for immediate interception.

Live call capture

The software helps to capture a live call from target device so that you can listen to it later.

 Spyera software

Ambient listening & Recording

The software enables users to keep track on everything happening around your target via hidden calls. The software works to capture all conversations taking place inside.

Tracks internet messages

The user would be able to spy on all the internet messages sent & received by the target phone.

Tracks VoIP Apps

The Spyera cell phone monitoring software sends logs of every VoIP call made & received by your target device.

Tracks SMS

The software will allow you to keep track on both outgoing and incoming messages on target phone.

Grabs passwords

The software will notify you on passwords used by the target device.

Email tracking

The Spyera cell phone monitoring software offers full data on emails sent & received by target device.

SIM change

The software will send notification in case the target device changes SIM.


Spyera stays hidden and operates in stealth mode.

Spy Cam

The software can turn on target phone’s camera & capture hidden snapshots.

Easy compatibility

The Spyera software is flexible with almost every mobile OS- Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Symbian.

Finally, there is a 10 day cash back guarantee from Spyera manufacturer.

To know more about Spyera software and download it you can take to

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