Car Technology: What Can We Expect in 2015

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Technology is an ever-evolving thing, and nowhere is this more marked than in the technology coming into our cars each year. Whether it’s for safety or for efficiency, these features are welcome additions when it comes to vehicles.

So, what’s coming up next? Here’s our guide to what you can expect in the next 12 months….

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control makes driving safer with the help of a radar system installed in the auto mobile. This helps the driver maintain a safe distance from the car in front, temporarily stopping the need for the driver to man the controls. It’s seen by some as the next step along the path to driver less cars and is increasingly commonplace in the new cars for sale in 2015.

Adaptive Cruise Control


BMW announced during CES 2015 that it is currently working on a system that would enable to park by itself without the help of the driver. The technology is still in the works, but will build on existing self-parking systems that are already in place in vehicles at the top end of the market. 2015 marks an edge closer towards a world where we may well not need to face the hassle of squeezing into car park spaces.

Smart Bumper

It’s a system that works similarly to Adaptive Cruise Control. The car essentially monitors the objects in front while keeping track of your speed. The most basic Forward-Collision Mitigation system sounds an alarm when you are close to an object in front of you, however more complex versions of the system automatically stop your car when you are in danger of hitting something. BMW’s version, the Smart Bumper, was unveiled during CES 2015. At speeds below 15km/h, the Smart Bumper sensors will automatically brake a car that’s about to hit something.

Touchscreen System

While touchscreens are more common than ever before, automobile companies are working on a central touchscreen for cars that would control all of the things that make a long drive comfortable: from the music and climate control to navigation settings. Google has now released Android Auto – an in-car service that looks to bring services such as Google Maps and voice interaction to the dashboards. It seems this year will be marked by a big move towards blurring the lines between the old dashboard display and a computer screen.

Health check

Several companies are working on a system that would enable you to keep track of your car’s condition digitally, giving you regular information about each part and whether or not they are about to break down.

These are just some of the new technological innovations coming into our cars in 2015. Not only will they be aiding your comfort, they’re also built in hopes of making driving safer than ever. But while you’re waiting for these new automobiles to roll out, it’s important to find the car that’s the right match for you. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or New Jersey, used car dealers are offering affordable cars. And nearly-new vehicles are a great way to get the latest in-car gadgets at more affordable prices.

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