Finding Your Place in the Broad Design Field

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You’ve always been good at expressing yourself visually, so you’re pursuing a career in design that will provide job security, a decent income, and that rare opportunity to love what you do. You’re confident of your creativity and now you want to match it with the right design career. There are so many paths you could choose.

Game Designer

To do this job, you need more than creativity. You need to be well versed in computer programming, software design, writing code that determines gameplay, and even creative writing. Game designers currently earn a median salary of $71,910, and job growth from 2009 to 2019 is projected to be 26%.

Broad Design Field

Senior Graphic Designer

You don’t start at the top, so in order to get to the Senior level, you’ll probably start as a junior staff member. The current median annual salary for a senior graphic designer is $60,00 and you can expect a projected job growth of 13%. Graphic designers communicate visually in print, electronic and other media by developing the overall layout and design of newspapers, magazines and other publications. Graphic designers need to be able to communicate verbally and in writing as well as visually. The ability to meet deadlines and production schedules is critical. Other career options for a graphic designer are freelancing or opening their own firm.

Fashion Designer

If you have a sketch book full of dress designs and other garments or accessories, fashion design could be for you. You’ll need to have a thorough understanding of colors and fabrics and an insatiable desire to follow fashion trends. An understanding of balance and proportion, color and detail, and sewing and pattern-making skills is critical to success. Annual median salary is $65,000, and job growth from 2009-2019 is expected to be 5%.


There’s so much more to designing a building or other structure than its appearance. Architects consider the functionality, safety, and occupants of the building. Critical skills required to be successful as an architect include strong visual orientation and a clear understanding of spatial relationships. In addition, computer skills using CADD programs for two- and three-dimensional drafting are necessary. Job growth from 2009 to 2019 is projected to be 18%, and the current median salary is $70,320.

Interior Designer

If you think interior design is just for private residences, think again. Can you imagine designing the interior space of an airport terminal, a shopping mall, or a hospital? Interior designers concern themselves with the function, safety, and aesthetics of a wide variety of interior spaces. They use color, texture, lighting and the available open space to create an atmosphere that enhances the experience of both occupants and visitors. They should not only be creative, but they need to be familiar with computer-aided design software. Interior designer jobs are expected to grow 19% from 2009 to 2019, and the current median annual salary is $60,000.


Animators combine the talent to draw by hand and the skill to create animated images using computers. There is a demand for multimedia artists and animators in the motion picture industry, advertising, video games, and computer graphics to support mobile technologies. Other niches for animators include storyboarding for animated features, commercials and movies and even scientific research. The current median annual salary for animators is $79,000, and projected job growth for the period 2009 to 2019 is 26%.

Other Career Options:

  • Mobile Designer

  • Web Designer

  • Art Director

  • Product Designer

No matter where your interest lies, a 4-year degree is likely to be a requirement for entry into the field. To that end, check out NewSchool’s Media Design Degree program.

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