How can IVR System Renovate Sales, Support & Marketing Teams

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All of us in the civilized world have at one point of time listened to an automated message on the telephone saying “Press 1 for English”, “Press 2 for Spanish” or a “Press 9 to go back to the previous message”. Why is it used? It enables a business to identify, segment and route callers according to their enquiries. It reduces cost while also improving the efficiency of the business.

IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) allow you to do the following:

  1. Create personalized messages and prompts when customers call your company. IVR also has the provision to record customized greetings.
  2. Your business will never have to keep a high net worth customer waiting as you can prioritize based on a caller’s value when you talk to your customer.
  3. You can handle high call volumes easily. Instead of waiting in queue, callers can schedule a callback, this is a feature that a few IVR systems have.
  4. If you are a small business, you can make your company look big in the eyes of a prospective customer by using IVRs.

We are going to discuss here about how IVRs system can improve the lives of sales, marketing and support teams.

Collect leads for your Marketing campaigns

The single greatest thing after having an email list to collect leads is getting your customer’s phone numbers and other details by making them call you in the guise of a contest. Although ‘guise’ might look like a negative word to associate it with, you are obviously going to provide the callers with a value that is promised as a part of them making the call. It could be as simple as “Take this survey to win a $100 gift card from Amazon” or “Get a free consultation with our expert if you call us”. You can use the information that you have captured for your marketing campaigns in the future as well.

ivr system

Acts as a fancy receptionist

All the responsibilities and roles that is played by a receptionist is taken on by the IVR service, this will improve the effectiveness of the service team as it directs messages based on customer’s queries.

It segments the queries received from the callers, directs it to different teams based on their request. It does not make the caller wait in a queue for a long time but captures the attention of the user by playing soothing music.

Take customer surveys with inbound and outbound calls using IVRs

If you are testing new products and it is still in its beta stage where you don’t want to introduce it into the market yet, you can find your happy beta testers using IVRs. You can make the IVR ask a bunch of open-ended questions where the users can reply with a Yes or No. These surveys can be taken at incremental stages with different sets of customers using which you can gauge the progress in the product. You can also use IVRs to receive and ask for feedbacks from customers. “Press 1 for good”, “Press 2 for great”, “Press 3 for Needs improvement”, these are some of the ways in which you can get feedback. You can make immediate changes to the product based on these surveys as the results are with you right after the customer makes a choice.

Send notifications to clients

One of the best tools to make follow-up and confirmation calls is the IVR system. Here are some of the things that you can do: Confirm client meetings, send them prompts about the new services that you are launching and push out notifications on other areas that your clients are interested in.

Think Mobile Marketing

One of the most commonly talked about uses of IVR is Mobile Marketing. With the help of IVR, you can reach out to customers easily by automating the task. Using the services of telemarketing companies or using your own staff to do the calling is expensive and will affect your bottom-line tremendously. Using in-house IVR systems is much cheaper in this case and gets the work done without much of a human interaction. Please do remember that IVR systems can churn out data based on the calls made. At the end of a campaign you can analyze the ones that made the best returns based on various demographics and then pivot your marketing strategy accordingly.

Marketing Research

Purchase a list of leads from a third party, run it on an IVR system and see the magic for yourself. Since it is automated, there is not much work to do except for analyzing the data that you receive. You can run such campaigns as frequently as you want, you can keep these campaigns in the form of phone polls, surveys or ‘Yes or No’ questions. As an incentive, you can offer them a special price or a discount on your product to take the survey. IVR systems can easily integrate with CRM software using which you can take the data, turn it into information that can be analyzed and put to good use for the business.

Take care of your renewals/reorders part of the business with IVRs

If you are a subscription based business or your products need to be reordered again after a particular point of time, using IVRs to send reminders will save you a lot of money. You can also ask your customers what they need to reorder, how much of it, how frequently and pose any other questions that would make it easier to finish the transaction smoothly.

These are some of the ways in which IVR systems are helpful to the sales, supporting and marketing teams. Using an IVR system also makes sure that there is no information latency between these two departments. Usage of IVR systems in your company is the best way to provide consistent service across the entire organization and in all functions of the company. Since you have the customer’s information if they have called already, you can give them personalized service based on this. It will also help in creating a long-lasting impression.

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