How Technology is Aiding Power Generation, and What This Could Look Like in 2020

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Advancements in technology have changed the way in which we live and do business. The world today is significantly different than the way it used to be – and that rapid change continues. We can do things now that were thought impossible just a few years ago and there are a few sectors that have benefited in particular with these technological developments.

Power generation is one of them. With fears growing about what will happen when current energy sources are used up, more and more research has been put into renewable energy. While it is still only relatively early days for renewable energy, it is growing in popularity. Some of the biggest companies in the world are committing to a future where they will be powered entirely with green technology. So what could the world look like by 2020?

Solar technologies set to go Global by 2020

One thing that is predicted to change by 2020 is the popularity of solar technologies. As predicted by the World Economic Forum, solar power is expected to make up a large proportion of global power generation in the coming years. This would reduce costs for businesses worldwide and leave then less prone to the impact of energy price rises. At the moment solar power isn’t the most cost effective form of power generation. The challenge in the next five years is for the technology to develop in a way that is easier and cheaper to install. The production of the materials used to make solar panels look set to be commercialized – helping to trigger this by 2020.


Businesses make a commitment to greener designs

In a bid to protect the planet, a lot of major businesses are starting to focus more on green technology. Apple has become the latest company to ensure renewable power generation & power transmission is a significant part of its future. It has recently announced that it will be building two brand new data centers within Europe, costing a total of £1.25bn. It is said to be planning on making them the largest and most advanced green designed buildings in the world. Like other companies, it is committed to investing heavily in renewable energy and by 2020 it’s likely that many big companies will have drastically cut their carbon footprint.

Understanding America’s energy plans 2020

The global head of commodities and managing director of Citigroup, Edward L. Morse, has stated that by 2020 America will be producing all of its own energy. As published on the Forbes website, it aims to eliminate the importation of energy, ensuring the country meets its own needs as politicians get wise to the benefits the wider benefits of the self-sufficiency provided through power generation.

A lot of this will be driven by the demand for renewable, green power generation. This includes wind, solar and non-central grid users. It isn’t just businesses that are focused on renewable energy – home owners are also keen to make use of natural resources. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also great for saving money. In the next five years it’s likely to become more cost-effective for individuals to install turbines and solar panels as power generation properly opens out into the domestic market. For examples, new products like solar shingles have made solar power much more affordable. The experts at A-Top Roofing & Construction state that “solar shingles resemble ordinary roofing shingles yet contain technology that generates electricity when exposed to sunlight.” Since solar shingles are just like regular shingles home owners can install as many or as few as they want, making them an affordable alternative to large and costly panel systems.

Overall exciting things are happening in the power generation industry and a lot of changes are set to take place by 2020. As technology advances, renewable, green power sources are set to take over. Work still needs to be done to drive down the cost of these green technologies, but improvements are being made all the time so by 2020, it’s extremely likely it will be more affordable and more commonplace in the next five years.

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