How to Choose a TOUGHBOOK

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In this world of ultrabooks, tablets, and thin smartphones, a rugged laptop is a niche. It’s unfortunate that most laptop manufacturers believe that a laptop should perform well and look sleek but not be tough enough to withstand those accidental falls and spills. Panasonic stands out from the competition with its TOUGHBOOK laptop. It’s a rugged computer that is designed to put up with drops, vibration, extreme temperature, spills, and rough handling with aplomb.

Panasonic has been making TOUGHBOOKs since 1996 and offers quite a few models under the series. If you’re out to buy one, you should know exactly what you want so that you zero in on the right model. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose a TOUGHBOOK.


If you are going to mount the laptop in a vehicle, a fully rugged TOUGHBOOK is what you need. If you would like to capture signatures, a convertible like the CF-19 would be ideal. Stay away from TOUGHBOOK tablets if you intend to use the computer for typing. And if you are going to integrate lights, go with a unit that has a touchscreen so that operating on the go becomes safer and easier.

In the medical field, CF-19 is staple. It’s found in ambulances and hospitals alike. The CF-31 and CF-30 suit squad cars the best. For data collection, different kinds of field work, and logistics, the CF-52 would be ideal.

Software and Hardware

The exterior of a TOUGHBOOK is made to last forever. But the same cannot be said about the software and the hardware since Panasonic doesn’t have complete control over them. Therefore, consider buying a more recent TOUGHBOOK. If you are buying it used, the newer model would invariably have lesser usage hours and would work with newer software and hardware better than older models.


Not all TOUGHBOOKs are straight up clamshells. Keeping the needs of a modern user in mind, TOUGHBOOKs also come as convertibles that sport a collapsible, swivelling screen. The folding capability of the screen would let you interact with the intuitive touchscreen, which makes inputting data a breeze.

Level of Ruggedness

Not all TOUGHBOOKs are made to withstand the elements equally. There could be some models, such as the TOUGHBOOK 54 Lite, which could be semi-rugged. In other words, the laptop would survive fewer drops compared to other models. This semi-ruggedness could be due to the laptop’s intention to strike the right balance between thinness and durability. If you want a laptop that’s built well but can still be carried around with great ease, check out this option. For everything else, go through our listings.

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