Important Things to Know About Cloud Hosting

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Cloud hosting has quickly become the most preferred way to virtually access and store information. Being more reliable and affordable than other server types, business from around the globe are dumping their dedicated and virtual servers and jumping onto cloud. If you’re starting a new business or are considering making the switch, here are some important things that you should know about managed cloud hosting:

Cloud Hosting

Your Information Is More Accessible, But…

One huge draw to cloud servers for many businesses is that they can access their information from anywhere around the globe and from any device. Not only that, but authorised employees or other individuals can tap in to help out with tasks or perform their job duties. While incredibly convenient, this benefit to using a cloud server only serves as such if:

  • The Internet is running on your side
  • The Internet is running on your cloud provider’s side

Given that your information is hovering in a “cloud,” an Internet connection is required in order to access your information. Businesses can do a lot to alleviate this potential hazard, however, simply by choosing to use Internet service from a reputable Internet provider and opting to invest in cloud services from a reliable cloud company. As an additional tip, when choosing a cloud server provider, look for one that has multiple servers. This way if one goes down for any reason, your information will still be readily accessible.

Cloud Servers Can Be Cost-Effective Unless…

There’s no question that cloud servers are cost effective for nearly every business out there. From saving your organisation from spending thousands of pounds on hardware and maintenance to paying for costly upgrades as you scale, cloud servers are almost always the more affordable option. Businesses only pay for the services they want and the amount of resources they use.

That said, for businesses where having a reliable uptime is not an essential to their business, a cloud server may be more expensive. This largely depends on the services that you require to keep your business running smoothly, so examine your business needs prior to assuming cloud services are the most budget-friendly choice for you.

It’s Pretty Safe, Yet…

Regardless of what server you choose, there will be security concerns. Since your information is being stored by a third party, cloud servers do come with additional security concerns. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that you are choosing the most secure cloud provider:

  • Ensure that the company has solid security policies in place and a good reputation
  • Ask about encryption. Ideally your data will be encrypted when uploaded to or downloaded from the cloud server, and encrypted when stored within the cloud
  • Fully understand how access can be shared, and what information other individuals may be privy to

Be sure to take the time to ask the cloud provider about what your options are in the event that it should be hacked or your data becomes lost. Most importantly, back up your data in case you do suffer an unexpected loss.  Ask the cloud provider whether they provide this service (some back up data as often as every 15 minutes) and take advantage of it if possible.

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