Opencart is an Ideal Platform for Amateur Online Entrepreneurs

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Having a website is not enough. If a business is looking to monetise its business by selling product or services, having an e-commerce solution is a must.  Although there are several e-commerce platforms available in the market, the best solution has to be the one that combines flexibility, simplicity and multi-functionality. For amateur online entrepreneurs, implementing an e-commerce solution that is easy to implement and manage is all the more important.

What Is Opencart?

Opencart is a robust and open source e-commerce platform that makes it easy for the amateur online entrepreneurs to install and manage their own shopping cart. It has an intuitive backend system and comes with an amazing range of themes and plugins.


Benefits and Advantages

It provides several benefits to the e-retailers. Here is a list of advantages and benefits that Opencart provides to the entrepreneurs.

Easy Setup of the Online Store: There is a pretty straight forward setup process. In Fact, there is an easier installation process when compared to other complex carts is one of its key advantages. Business owners don’t have to employ tech professional to set it up on their websites. They can easily do the installation by themselves without any technical knowledge. Launching an Opencart store requires four simple steps:

  • Install Opencart using the CMS panel
  • Select a theme that suits the needs and requirements
  • Add the products along with their pictures and details
  • Configure essential modules like payment, languages, and shipping systems

Installation doesn’t require any complex steps and by following the above steps, entrepreneurs can easily prepare themselves for receipt of orders and sell their products.

Cost of Installation and Maintenance: It is open source software. This means that there is no cost for installing Opencart. When it comes to the day-to-day maintenance work, the cost is low and affordable. All kinds of hosting service providers support Opencart on their servers. Entrepreneurs can choose between free and paid themes. They can also extend the functionality of their websites using several modules that comes preinstalled with the software. The best part is that e-retailers can do all of this and more without any need to hire a developer

Faster site performance: Opencart is lightweight and based on Ajax technology. This improves the usability and performance of the retail website. When it’s installed on a website, site load time is considerably reduced and checkout process is much faster. Functionalities like one page checkout and smart site structure also provides a seamless user experience.

Support for Multi-store: Multi-store functionality is also supported. That means several ecommerce stores can be managed by using a single admin panel. This amazing feature comes in especially handy when an e-commerce store owner wants to run multiple online stores to sell different products and services.

Possibility to Extend the Features and Functionalities: There is support to add feature rich modules and extensions and with over 7000+ extensions available, entrepreneurs can easily add features in their store that will convert their visitors into customers.

An Ideal E-commerce Solution for Amateur Online Entrepreneurs

Hong Kong is one amazing place where several business opportunities are available for online entrepreneurs. Opencart Hong Kong based entrepreneurs is one such option that will equip business owners to take orders and sell their products and services, all through their own e-retail website.

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