Process of Making the Screen Split

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By making the screen split you can have a different experience altogether as special effects are added to the video. It enables you to have a 3D effect whereby you feel as if the nature or any clip comes down to you. With the growth of technology you can vary and alter the videos by which screen can be split. With the help of Movavi editor you can easily make the screen split. Whether it is for MAC users or Windows you can add variety of things in the screen. Other formats and changes can also be applied to the screen which is split.

There are certain steps which are basic and should be followed to split screen:-

split screen

First- The process of download is the foremost step and you have to simply download the software. Further you can edit and bring about the changes. After the installation, the programme opens up automatically.

Second- Videos are to be added to the program. By simply clicking on the files of media you can locate the files which you want to convert it to split screen. There are selections of DVD and without it also you can make it. There is fancy editing which you can do in the split screen according to your wish. If you want to add something from the library then you can do so and in fact you can also upload anything online. You can open the content and add the video.

Third- The videos are dragged into timeline. There are four tracks which are in default mode and you can select from that. There are one for video and for subtitle each and two for the track of audio.  The clipping and the track of the video should be equal in number. You have to be careful for selecting the tracks and clips in proportion.

Fourth- the screen which is split appears by your selection. From the list of the panel you can change the effects and modify it. You can find other things by searching. Many effects can be created by customization. You can split the screen in various ways, by horizontally, vertically, into quarter and also as other modes.

Fifth- you have the control to manage the screen’s appearance. From the panel of preview you are to make the selection. You can first have a look and if it does not suit you are free to change it as per your desire.

Sixth- The sound is to be managed by you. If you do not want all the sounds to be put together you can delete them.

Seventh- finally the time arises to save the clip in the desired place according to your wish. The process is easy.

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