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The best software doesn’t require a lot of effort – it just works. You will really appreciate how quickly and easily you can generate timelines charts with timeline maker. Our industry-leading timeline generator automatically builds the timeline for you, with no need to draw.

You can easily generate timelines by creating flag charts, bar charts or many others from a wide range of our pre-defined themes for your purpose. We believe in software that provides you all the features you need to create, present and share timelines. There are many options to print, publish and present your timeline charts and chronologies, including a diversity of graphic formats, PDF and HTML. You will not find any another timeline generator that is as complete as Timeline Maker from starting to create a presentation to finishing that. We let you customize the chart by creating your own themes/styles, using corporate colors and logos or by adding photos and clipart to visually tell the story. One can also create multiple charts from the same Timeline Maker file so you don’t need to create separate data files.

Timeline Maker Software

Many well-known people in various industries also referenced about our timeline maker application and use it to generate timelines for their presentations. You can find all about them at our website and can try our application for enriching someone’s presentation skills.

With a short learning curve, tons of automatic features, knock-out charts and interactive presentation capabilities, Timeline Maker Professional is the best timeline solution available anywhere. we also let you build multiple timeline charts from a set of data by choosing between a Bar chart timeline, Flag chart timeline, Gantt chart timeline or a chronology chart for the best way to display your timeline for printing, sharing, or presentation. You can use your own logos, colors, and other visual elements to customize and generate timelines to meet the specific needs of your own or your client’s organization. With our timeline generator, you don’t have to worry about your grammar or spelling errors as our built-in general and medical dictionaries are always there to monitor your task continuously. Timeline maker can customize data field labels for you and can be changed so that the event data is more meaningful to you.

One can easily and quickly create great looking charts quickly. Just one click on the chart table and the chart appears to you instantly. Our timeline maker’s built-in professional tool and seamless intimacy give you the best choice in how to best present your timelines with Microsoft PowerPoint.  Timeline Maker Professional’s new and exclusive Package for sharing function makes sure that your timeline files are always intact for sharing with others or making a presentation on a different computer. Now you can also generate timelines by including links to external documents, websites, audio clips and video clips to supplement the data in the chart. You can easily assign category color codes and events for easy visual interceptions.

When combined with the free “read only” Timeline Maker Viewer this powerful feature allows you to accurately and securely share your timelines with anyone, anywhere. You can easily access our timeline maker application from our website and give it a try.

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