Water scarcity – An overview for 2018

Posted on 23. May, 2017 by in Technology Business

The 15-year Challenge Program on Water and Food has provided Water Scarcity-An overview for 2018, which explicitly addressed the water, associated issues and interrelated concerns about water scarcity, livelihoods, poverty, food security and the water productivity. It was perceived that after 2018, the world would perceive the global crisis of water scarcity and the need to use the water resources will be increased. Desalination solutions prove to be a sustainable development challenge, which will surely bring positive change in the society.


Importance of desalination technologies

Technological advancement that how we purify water is important and desalinate water proves to be extremely effective. Technologies that help to desalinate water by removing contaminants vary from human-made chemicals to natural occurring salts. The exceptional ability allows to have new water that is healthy and safe to drink. However, it is important to remember that every new water gallon created by using the desalination technology will be less one gallon that is drawn from aquifer or Sand Rivers and one more gallon can be created that is used in the aquatic environment.

Overcome the water challenges

The technology areas differ in the range of desalination and water purification techniques. Each technology will help to meet the critical objectives. Following are the cost efficient technologies assisting in overcoming the nation water supply challenges.

  • Concentrate management technologies

It is the technology, which considers volumetric decline, disposal, and the beneficial use of major byproduct of desalination.

  • Recycling or reuse technologies

The membrane and various other alternative technologies are exceptionally designed to handle the increased contaminant present in the water due to the post-consumer application.

  • Membrane technologies

This technology helps to desalinate and purify the water by pushing it through semi-permeable membrane and removes contaminants.

  • Alternative technologies

This technology takes full advantage by using the efficient nontraditional methods to get rid of contaminants.

  • Thermal technologies

The thermal technology relies on freezing and boiling water and captures purified water while all the unnecessary contaminants are left behind.

All of these desalination solutions and technologies are cost effective. It will be revolutionary development, which will be developed for the affordable, safe and sustainable drinking water. The conventional water plants will be insufficient and do not meet the evolving water challenges.

It is expected that water scarcity- An overview of 2018 has explained the right research directions and will conduct extensive research regarding desalination and water purification methods to fulfill the water needs.


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