What Does the Future Hold for Electronic Cigarettes

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Currently, electronic cigarettes can be smoked almost anywhere and they are proving to be a popular alternative to regular cigarettes for people attempting to stop smoking. One of the biggest problems that smokers wanting to quit face is what to do with their hands, when they would normally smoke. While the addiction to nicotine is another huge factor, giving a smoker something that allows them to perform the same actions as they would if they were smoking by using an electronic cigarette is proving to be an effective way to help people to quit smoking – with the added “hit” of nicotine also helping.

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But what does the future hold of electronic cigarettes?

The majority of electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, which means that while they are a healthier option than smoking; they are still not good for you and this is where some problems are arising.

Here are some alternative ways to quit smoking:

  • Cut down on your habit gradually
  • Stay clear of situations that make you want to smoke for the initial period, such as going to a bar
  • Swap a cigarette for something else such as a stick of chewing gum
  • Try hypnosis

With smoking proving to be detrimental to your health, products such as electronic cigarettes are still a useful way to help you to kick the habit. You can purchase these quitting aids from websites such as nucig.co.uk where you can buy everything from electronic cigars to cigarettes. Many like to get started with what is known as a starter kit to see if this alternative to a regular cigarette will work for them.

Governments are concerned that a whole new generation of teenagers are becoming addicted to using electronic cigarettes, and while this may be better than having them addicted to regular cigarettes, it is still far from ideal.

However, when used for the purpose of helping addicted smokers to quit their dangerous habit, an electronic cigarette is proving to be a productive alternative and getting rid of them could be detrimental to those wanting to quit. So, it looks more likely that advertising will be closely monitored and controlled, to ensure that they are being aimed at people who want to stop smoking rather than as a general product that anyone should try.

So, just how does an electronic cigarette work?

  1. When inhaled, the air flow sensor activates the processor inside the filter
  2. Liquid inside the filter is then converted into a mist/vapour
  3. This mist/vapour is inhaled and exhaled like the smoke of a regular cigarette
  4. The mist/vapour contains nicotine to help reduce cravings

The problem lays in the fact that electronic cigarettes contain some chemicals that can be harmful, which is why the future for electronic cigarettes may mean that advertising for them is restricted somewhat. This will be largely so that non-smokers don’t get enticed to start the habit and to make sure they are used instead for their original purpose, which is to help smokers to stop smoking.

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