Why you should consider a career in CGI development

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Technology and digitization has allowed humans to go beyond physical limitations and explore the endless possibilities of the virtual world. Online transactions have become common and online databases are now indispensable. For instance, medical transcriptions were previously done in nurses physically present in hospitals or clinics. In today’s world, medical transcription is done online and medical assistance can be provided through internet or through the phone.

Years ago, software programmers and engineers had limited opportunities but now, they are among the most highly-paid professionals. Products and services can now be combined through novel apps technologies that deliver both product and content. Media products, video games, and augmented reality applications are just a few examples.


A great example of technology-driven innovation is production of Computer Generated Imagery or CGI. CGIs are being used in videos, movies, video games, and instructional materials. It involves the creation and manipulation of images through computer graphics and programs.

A CGI developer needs to be updated in the latest technologies available and has to be skilled and creative enough to create novel and inspiring content. It is not enough to have the skills to manipulate technology and the willingness to compete. In this age, CGI developers also have to capture the thoughts and emotions of the audience, who are being bombarded everyday with multitudes of images and videos online.

There is a high demand for CGI developers in the industry due to worldwide need for new images, videos and other media products. Hence, many companies are actively seeking highly-skilled CGI developers and offer competitive and fulfilling compensation packages. Since most CGI companies are start-ups, their business mentality is more flexible.

In terms of work hours, most of startup employees are not required to devote the traditional office hours of 9 AM to 5 PM. Instead, employees are compensated as long as the job is done on time. Such flexibility allows employees to work according to their personal preference and is particularly desirable for night owls. The additional benefit is a better work-life balance for CGI developers, who may have other interests or activities outside their careers.

Because the job is highly technical and requires updated knowledge and skills, CGI developers are kept on their toes and have to continuously seek improvement. This makes the job challenging and fulfilling as well. Indeed, CGI development is not easy, but it is never ordinary and never dull.

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